Speaking of Change


I’ve worked in a rural healthcare setting for the past 4 years as a physician assistant in family medicine. 9/10 patients come to me with these BIG 3 conditions: high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and high blood sugar. Many of these patients have acquired these conditions as a result of a sedentary lifestyle. How does that impact you if you do not have any of these three? Have it or not, you will pay for it (whether through taxes, escalating insurance premiums, denial of coverage, etc). There are projections that diabetes and obesity are going to be nearly 3/4 of the entire US population in our generation. Some of you may say its a tidal wave that has too much momentum to stop. I say if we want a change in our world, a change for a healthier, active lifestyle, we first must undergo the changes. The receiver of the message is more receptive if the giver of the message is self-applying the advice and principles. In other words, my patients may have a harder time adhering to my advice if I had a cigarette in my mouth and had a BMI of 45 and a nasal cannula in my nose pumping out 4L of continuous oxygen telling them that they need to stop smoking, lose weight and get healthier. You get my point! I decided after my grandfather died from complications of diabetes that I will no longer sit and be comfortable, but stand and be accountable for my words and actions. I have had a minimal impact on my patient population but a wave begins with a few ripples.


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