For all you hockey fans, you know what a goal is, but in this context, I want to share a different type of goal. The picture above reflects a simple goal of writing down my desired result and afterwards, my actual result. I wrote the goal down at 4:58pm last Friday on my desk at work. I left it on my desk knowing I would return on Monday to face that piece of paper: accountability. Before I tell you how I felt when I walked into my office Monday morning, I should preface this with some background. When my father was alive, he emphasized many life-lessons to me he understood to be very practical for everyday life. Two things he made clear to me was: 1) worship every day (meditation/prayer/or just plain be still in silence). 2) write down your goal(s).

If he was alive, he would ask if I wrote out my goal for the sprint triathlon race in Naples last week. [ACCOUNTABILITY]. Of course I would because I knew he would be checking on me. He passed away nearly 1 year ago. He was alive for my race last year in Naples. Although he did not attend, he called me after the race to ask how I did. At that time my goal was to break 1:30. When we checked the race sheets, my time was 1:29. He was ecstatic and it gave him a boost of life spring to his fading body, dying less than a month after from the complications of pancreatic cancer.

Fast forward to today, it is exactly one week since I wrote out my goal on my desk and left to compete against myself in that race. I crossed the finish line 2 seconds after the 1:22 mark. Not at all disappointed, I had one of the biggest smiles on my face in a long while. I walked into my office and wrote out the actual results breaking down Swim, Transitions and Bike/Run legs. I put my father’s mantra to the test. A simple stroke of the pen on some cheap stationary is enough to drive a human body to focus on what to achieve. What may seem impossible became possible. Jesus once said, “The things that are impossible with people are possible with God.”

I believe my father unlocked one of the laws of the universe in helping me understand that today, I can achieve what I believe in my mind, through faith, by simply writing out my goals.

Experiment with this. Today, I want you to write out 3 things you want to accomplish. No more, no less. If this works, I want you to do it again the next day. My challenge to you is to do this for the next 30 days until it becomes a part of you, a habit instilled in your behavior, in your thinking, and in your mental focus. It may just change your life!!!



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