Race Week


It’s that time again. Race week. Triathlon mode set. My first Olympic distance race is on the shores, hills, and beaches of Lake Weir this Sunday. The last time I was here was at my first triathlon experience (2 years ago). It was a mere “open” distance (100m/3mi/1mi) but it felt like it lasted forever. At the inaugural event for the HITS triathlon series, with Ocala being one of the first races, we were given a briefing on the introductory distance by Mark Wilson, the race director, and what he hoped the “open” would soon achieve, which was increase participation and interest in the ever-growing triathlon sport. No longer a niche sport for the super intense, wild, daring ironmen and women of yesterday, the sport of triathlon is becoming more mainstream and accessible to anyone who wants to challenge, improve, and enjoy themselves. The “open” consisted of many first-timers or age-groupers like me, a few veterans but many young boys and girls whose aspirations to follow their mom and dad’s footsteps found them exerting their hearts out with each stride. For me, I was out there conquering my fears, nearly drowning during the swim (inhaling water twice), learning to bike as an adult with this bike my first one I’ve ever owned, with running being my strength. However, I probably started out the worst I ever could but realized with three different sports it can be three different experiences in one race. It was in this sequence my experience was found to be: weakest (swim), funnest (bike), and rewarding (run).

At the finish line, that’s when I knew I was hooked. This sport will be one of my primary focuses for years to come. It will be something that will help me grow as a person, be a better husband and father, as well enjoy life.

Since this race, I have done over a half dozen sprint distance races all over Florida, meeting great people along the way, and sparking my own interest in this sport to go a little bit further than the “open” distance.

This is the weekend where I push further, put myself in danger again in Lake Weir, but with a few battle scars teaching me how to live and train each day. Survive the swim, enjoy the bike and finish [the run] strong. The swim represents the obstacles and stressors that seem to bring us down: stay afloat. The bike leg represents to me the blessings that make life enjoyable where you move forward and quickly, without much effort. The run leg is the time to be joined together with those who share your ideals and finish strong together. I hope to read your story someday. Feel free to message me or contact me via twitter. @pacmanwellness

My goal:
Swim 40min
Bike 80 min
Run 50 min
T1&T2 10 min
Overall ❤ hrs


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