Weary Traveler

That “welcome home!” feeling I got after arriving back from our east coast trip to Toronto and Buffalo early this morning, was like something out of Wizard of Oz . Running on 5 hours of sleep, I decided to get up and get back into the routine training at Halo BJJ this morning. Arriving after class had ended, I was fortunate to see a foursome of Jiu Jiuteiros still rolling. Wanting to join in on some “flow” rolls, I grabbed my newly-minted blue belt training partner and continued to flow roll for the next 20-30 minutes. This roll is the first in one week and marks the first time I have not at all rolled for more than 3-4 days since my nogi tournament in January. My body feels rested. Thanks to my relatives, I ate handsomely for 5 straight days. Now to train for my first blue belt tournament the la open international in June.


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